Abs Without Lifting Your Head

Series of abdominal work that strengthens your core without requiring a head lift. I find many people feel strain when lifting their head off the mat. This sequence integrates breathing with abdominal engagement through preparatory abdominal isolation and Pilates mat exercises.

2 responses to “Abs Without Lifting Your Head

  1.  RM! You must have been reading my mind! Did your light weight arm WO this morning & what I could remember of our last ab WO from the list this afternoon. Was wishing you could do a video of the first 12 exercises with your prompts so I could practice it correctly. Didn’t want to impose on you — and tonight your new post was in my email. Thank you SO MUCH! Know we were practicing some other things, but maybe this is ok. Also printed some of you pelvic floor info and was practicing that with 2 balls this afternoon & finished up with balance work after trying to do the ab routine.

    We just had an earthquake— said it was 5.1, 11 miles from Truckee. Di🌻

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  2. Perfect timing! Yes, we felt the earthquake too.

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