An Explanation on Stabilization

My colleague Julie over at Tahoe Custom Massage asked me to post a video about scapular stabilization so here you go my friend.

Repetitive stress injuries can occur at the shoulder when the scapula is not anchored with arm movement. Additionally, rounded computer-driven posture creates dysfunctional scapular placement and can aggravate the shoulder joint. This video focuses on 1) the bones of the shoulder girdle, 2) the postural relationship to scapular placement, 3) scapular motions and 4) scapular stabilization exercises moving on diagonal lines and circles. Unfortunately, after finishing the video I realized I had made an error, but I’m embracing my imperfection. Please just accept my apologies and correction here. CORRECTION: I said upward rotation and inward rotation. It should be upward and downward rotation.

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One response to “An Explanation on Stabilization

  1. Thanks, Rose Marie!  The video was helpful!  Much more conscious of my posture and neck position since our session last Saturday.BE WELL!blessings,di

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